food quality assurance team

Econo-Pak is committed to the development, maintenance, and implementation of food safety culture.

We emphasize a focus on supplying a safe and good quality product that meets and often exceeds regulatory and customer expectations. This is accomplished by providing policy leadership, participation, and financial support.

Our 240,000-square-foot facility operates under FDA regulations and a HACCP-based quality system program that is independently audited by our major customers.

Under these rigorous standards, Econo-Pak maintains many pre-requisite food safety programs such as:


Good Manufacturing Practices



Pest ControlPest and Chemical Controls



Consumer ResponseConsumer Response System



Allergen ControlAllergen Control

SanitationSanitation Processes



Employee TrainingEmployee Training



RecallProduct Traceability and Recall



MoreAnd more

food packaging quality control

Quality Assurance Team

Our employees are the company’s most valuable asset. The staff is involved in all aspects of production, continuous improvement and system review programs. The employees are properly trained and understand the organization’s commitment to high-quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Econo-Pak has rigorous, well-developed standards. We operate using a sophisticated system with over 40 years of uninterrupted service without a product recall.

The following are a few methods that assist us in keeping up our quality:

  • Package integrity test every hour
  • 45-person QC staff
  • Check package weight 5 times every half hour
  • Full product traceability
  • 5 year record retention
  • SOP System
  • HAACP plans for every product and line
  • X-Ray
  • Metal Detection
  • Extensive training and testing of employees
  • Food Defense Plan
  • GMP System


We back up our claims by maintaining stringent quality certifications. Visit our certifications page to learn more about our standards.