With demand continuing to rise for food-grade powder management, Econo-Pak is proud to offer custom dry powder filling services in addition to our display, wrapping, labeling, and full-service kitting capabilities.

Powder Packaging Formats

Today’s marketplace demands versatile, high-performance packaging. Econo-Pak’s powder filling services include both traditional and modern formats, such as:

Bottles and jarsClassic bottles and jars, with a variety of sealing and closing options


Standup pouchesTrendy standup pouches (SUPs) with lightweight, eye-catching designs for optimal shelf display


Shrink wrappingPrinted film and shrink wrapping for custom branding


Sachets and pillow pouchesIndividual sachets and pillow pouches for a wide range of sizing needs


Club formatClub format and multipack designs for specific markets


Rigid and flexible containersRigid and flexible containers optimized for shipping efficiency


By far the most versatile, customizable, flexible, and popular solution for powder packaging is the zippered pouch; as with base-level standup pouches, lightweight vacuum-sealed pouches, gusseted pouches, pillow pouches, and four-sided pouches all provide the durability, versatility, and reliability needed for dry food packaging.

Powdered and Dry Material Capabilities

pouring sugarEcono-Pak, located in Milford, Pennsylvania, offers a comprehensive range of specialized packaging solutions to meet various needs. These solutions include variety packs, flow wrapping, stand-up pouches, autobagging, labeling, as well as procurement, all in an SQF-certified facility. Our company is well-equipped to handle high volume projects, making us the ideal choice for all packaging needs.

We offer full engineering, manufacturing, packaging, and repackaging services for all materials we handle.

Some of the most common types of dry food materials we manage are:

  • Protein powders and nutritional supplements
  • Candies
  • Raw food ingredients, such as grains, spices, and seasonings
  • Baking powders and mixes
  • Salts
  • Sugars
  • Nuts, granolas, trail mixes, and snack mixes
  • Popcorns and fine snack foods
  • And more

Powder Filling Services from Econo-Pak

For over 40 years, we have provided the packaging needs of companies both large and small. Our clients receive the highest possible quality standards and most innovative, reliable solutions.

Perhaps your powdered product has a sensitivity to moisture or exposure to air. Maybe it might demand a resealable solution, or needs to be constructed to provide a long shelf life. No matter how unusual or complex your powdered product may be, our team can provide a packaging solution to meet your unique needs.

Ready to learn more about our powder filling services, bulk food packaging services, variety packs, and other contract filling and packaging capabilities — or maybe you’re just looking for some guidance getting started?

Reach out to the team today. Our packaging experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have and will work with you to create a solution tailored to your exact requirements.