Wiebel FamilyPioneer in Contract Food Packaging

Econo-Pak was founded over 40 years ago by the Wiebel family as a contract packaging company. Today, we have become a leader in our industry for contract packaging and contract manufacturing.

In addition to our fixed-price model, our customers benefit from the cost savings that come with continued advancement through:

  • A high-level quality system composed of 45 personnel
  • New equipment and robotic automation
  • Production efficiency models

Because of our dedication to quality and efficiency, our customers can rely on us to maintain their production schedule no matter their volume.

We work with clients across many industries. Visit our Who We Work With page to see what types of clients find long-term success with Econo-Pak.

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Our Location

We are located in Milford, Pennsylvania, close to several of the most densely-populated states in the country. Our facility is conveniently close to major highways and East Coast cities.

Econo-Pak serves companies all over the country as well as global enterprises. Whether you need to package your food products for local grocery stores or for airlines traveling around the world, we can help.



Our Clients

It is our honor to work with an extensive list of clients, including Fortune 500 companies and up-and-coming snack brands.

To see what our clients have to say about our services, visit our Testimonials page.

Premium Food Packaging Services

Here’s what makes Econo-Pak the top choice for businesses looking to outsource packaging and scale operations.

  • SQF Level 3 and FDA-approved facility, among other certifications
  • Over 850 employees
  • 3 shifts per day
  • 240,000 square foot temperature-controlled facility dedicated to food packaging
  • Fast startups
  • Fixed-pricing model
  • Full-service trial runs
  • Dedicated customer service agents
  • Inventory provided daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Daily production updates
  • Quick turnaround on production
  • Over 200 different packaging machines in inventory

Econo-Pak in the Community

Local charities in and near Milford, PAWe believe in supporting our local community to lift people up. Econo-Pak advocates for many businesses, charities, schools, and programs in the tri-state area, in which our 1000+ employees live.

As a large company in a small historical town, we take pride in being able to support many of the local businesses and organizations that enrich our town.

If you have a local event that you would like to ask Econo-Pak to support, please feel free to contact us.



Want To Know More?

Check out these links to learn more about Econo-Pak:

  • Shipping & Receiving: Econo-Pak maintains a strict distribution schedule to keep your deliveries on time.
  • Equipment: We own over 200 machines in our facility. See what we use to automate your food packaging and manufacturing.
  • Engineering: Econo-Pak has an in-house engineering and maintenance team to minimize downtime and increase efficiency.

We are Hiring!

Are you looking to work for a positive, motivated, and growth-minded workplace? If you have these same qualities, we want to hear from you. Apply to work for Econo-Pak on our Careers page.

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