volume fillingVolume filling is a product packaging and filling technique that adds parts or products to a container until it meets a standard quantity, capacity, or weight.

At Econo-Pak, we perform all filling operations within our own facility for large production volumes. By keeping our filling operations in-house, we can maintain full control of the environment for optimal quality management and speed, as well as reduce the overall transportation costs, delays, and logistical complications.

Why Opt for Contract Filling Services?

The growing popularity of using contract filling for packaging food products for distribution can be attributed to several factors, including:

  • Increasing hardiness of produce, which reduces the level of caution required during processing and handling operations
  • Rising demand for faster distribution and delivery
  • Growing desire of businesses to focus on their core competencies

Some of the most common products packaged by volume filling include are powders, seeds, and variety packs of individually packaged products.

These products, among others, can be fitted and packaged into a wide variety of containers, such as:

  • Bags/pouches: The flexibility of bags and pouches allows them to hold small to large quantities of liquids and powders.
  • Bottles: Bottles provide a variety of sealing and storage solutions for products that need to be resealed between uses. They also have rigid walls to reduce damage to the contents and container.
  • Boxes: Fiberboard, wood, and other rigid materials are used to form open and closed boxes. These containers allow for easy transportation and carrying of smaller, individually wrapped products.
  • Cans: Cans are rigid, closed containers that safely store food and non-food products for extended periods.
  • Cartons: Cartons are lightweight, paper or Styrofoam containers available in opened and closed designs. Their construction material protects the contents from impact damage.
  • Jars: Like cans, jars are rigid containers designed to provide a food-safe seal that protects the contents from spoilage or contamination.

Partner With the Right Filling Company

Contract filling services serve a vital role in any raw or processed goods supply chain. Choosing the right contract filling service company can streamline the process by allowing for:

  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Lower material costs (due to less spoilage and food waste)
  • Fewer large-scale capital investments (as packaging machinery/equipment is not needed)
  • Greater customer appeal through superior packaging and product appearance
  • More time to focus on in-house specializations
  • Enhanced brand reputation (due to reliable, precise and fast orders with fewer damaged goods)

To receive these and other benefits, it’s essential to select the right filling company that can meet your company’s needs.

Econo-Pak’s Diverse Filling Services

At Econo-Pak, we provide a wide range of filling and packaging services for a variety of dry food products. In addition to our volume filling services, our contract filling services include:

Auger Filling

Auger filling is a packaging method used for powders and dried products, such as spices, protein powders, health supplements, chemical additives, salts, and raw food ingredients. Our auger filling process is designed for fast, efficient, and precise filling operations with minimal inconsistencies and product waste. We employ this process to manage loose materials in a variety of packages, including pouches and sachets, bottles, boxes, jars, rigid and flexible containers, and containers requiring film or shrink wrapping.

Powder Filling

Econo-Pak is a leading provider of powder packaging services. We offer capabilities for both traditional and modern dry powder filling to handle any powdered product. A wide range of industries makes use of our powder filling services, including those in the pharmaceutical, retail, and wholesale markets.


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Our filling, packaging, and shipping and receiving capabilities allow our customers to both minimize the time it takes to deliver their products to market and maintain or exceed the highest standards for product quality.

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