Countertop DisplayFood and beverage companies often have only seconds to catch consumers’ attention, meaning packaging and display design can be just as important as the product itself.

High-quality shipper displays offer a double investment for savvy companies: These designs both protect and promote a product, creating a secure display with enhanced marketing value.

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If you’re still determining what kind of shipper display you want to use, check out our guide below.

Types of Shipper Displays

Point-of-sale (POS), point-of-purchase (POP), counter display unit (CDU), custom shelf-ready, and display packaging are all used to increase product appeal, allowing consumers to register your product quickly and easily in a crowded retail space.

1. Shipper Displays (or Display Shippers)

These are the most popular styles of point-of-purchase or promotional displays with cleverly designed, multi-purpose packages. Shipped to a retailer in a bulk crate or master case, each individual product shipping carton opens up to form a custom display setup.

A simple tear-away, die-cut riser, or perforated panel in a shipper display allows for the package to be quickly and easily converted into a custom countertop or shelf-ready display. The reader panel creates a compact branding space that can be printed with text, graphics, or custom promotions for the product within.

Various customization options are available to best suit certain applications, including:

  • Cardboard display stands
  • Corrugated floor displays
  • Cardboard countertop displays
  • Cardboard floor displays

All display types can be constructed in a range of sizes to meet specific space requirements.

2. Temporary Point of Purchase Displays

Temporary point of purchase displays are widely used marketing tools in the retail industry.

  • They are typically made from corrugated cardboard and come in various sizes, ranging from smaller single-sided countertop displays to larger aisle displays that stand about waist high.
  • They are commonly found in supermarkets, gas stations, country stores, pharmacies, food marts, and other retail establishments.
  • hey are designed to attract customers’ attention and encourage impulse purchases using strategic placement near checkout counters or high-traffic areas.

Aside from being constructed from corrugated cardboard, temporary point of purchase displays can also be created using the actual products themselves. For instance, some displays are made by creatively stacking six or twelve packs of soda or beer to form unique shapes or arrangements. This approach eliminates the need for an additional physical structure and adds visual interest to the display.

Overall, temporary point of purchase displays are an effective marketing tool widely utilized by retailers to promote products and increase sales.

3. Semi-Permanent Point of Purchase Display

Another popular type is the semi-permanent point of purchase display. These displays are designed to be more durable and long-lasting than temporary displays.

They are often made from sturdier materials and can withstand higher levels of wear and tear. The semi-permanent displays provide retailers with a reliable option for showcasing products for an extended period.

4. Permanent Point of Purchase Display

Despite the name, these displays do not last forever but can be used for an extended period, typically up to 3 or more years when properly maintained. Permanent displays are usually made from more durable materials such as metal or acrylic and provide a long-term solution for retailers.

5. Digital Point of Purchase Display

with the advancement of technology, digital point of purchase displays have gained popularity. These displays combine a physical body or container, similar to traditional displays, with an LCD screen or digital monitor. They offer a dynamic and interactive way to showcase products and engage customers with multimedia content.

6. Robotic Point of Purchase Display

Introduced in 2020, these displays feature robotic elements and provide an innovative and attention-grabbing way to showcase products. Currently, the only known robotic POP display on the market is Tokinomo.

Shipper Display Costs

The cost of a POP display can vary depending on various factors. These factors may include the size and complexity of the display, the materials used, the quantity ordered, and any additional customizations required.

Understanding the specific requirements and objectives of your business is also crucial in determining the cost of a POP display, such as your:

  • Desired outcomes
  • Target audience
  • Purpose of the display

Keep in mind that while cost is an important consideration, it is equally imperative to prioritize the quality and functionality of the POP display. Investing in a well-designed and durable display that effectively showcases your products and grabs customers’ attention can have a significant impact on sales and overall business success.

Benefits of POP Merchandising and Shipper Displays

Countertop Display

Visual merchandising programs can make or break sales in a brick-and-mortar store format. Aside from offering great versatility and cost efficiency, shipper displays provide a range of other benefits for the retail space, including:

  • Protection: First and foremost, packaging is meant to provide protection; no one wants to purchase a damaged final product. Shipper displays provide a simple way to prevent losses while the extra level of shipping safety cuts down on the potential for transport-based waste.
  • Efficiency: An effectively designed shipper display offers optimal product safety while incorporating clever, effective marketing in a single design. No material is wasted in this style of packaging.
  • Branding: Display shippers allow businesses to incorporate branded personality and storytelling — key elements for emotionally connecting to consumers — into a product’s shelf presence.

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