siftingSifting ensures that your food products are free from outside contaminants and the particle sizes align with the required specifications.

Our team of experts and advanced equipment lines at Econo-Pak guarantee that your packaged products are handled accurately and efficiently while keeping the quality standards as high as your customers expect them to be.

Benefits of the Sifting Process

The sifting process separates multiple-size particles from very small holes in a screen and uses centrifugal force to press the coarse particles against one another and the opening of the screen to separate or break them.

Some examples of this process include:

  • Conditioning
  • Classification
  • Scalping
  • Policing
  • De-agglomerating
  • De-dusting

Sifting equipment is typically round and vibrates around the center of the contents. Having the rotation at the top creates vibration horizontally, which leads the contents to move toward the edges of the equipment.

There’s also a weight at the bottom that causes the sifting equipment to vibrate vertically. This process screens out large particles and foreign materials, safeguarding the quality of your food.

There are several benefits of sifting, which include:

  • Improved product purity through the elimination of oversized materials from powders and liquids.
  • Increased production because the screeners achieve a higher throughput per unit mesh area, compared to traditional vibrating screens.
  • Reduced downtime because the equipment can be easily stripped down and cleaned without tools.
  • Eliminate dust and fumes because enclosed screening leads to total containment.
  • Lower noise level due to a solid rubber suspension, which usually allows sifting equipment to operate quietly.

Advantages of Quality Sifting Services

At Econo-Pak, we have innovative sifting equipment that allows us to protect your ingredients from contaminants and ensure that the particle size aligns with the specified measurements needed for your job. We operate filters and vibrating screening equipment that is specifically designed for safe, efficient operation.

Our team uses high-tech equipment to clean, sort, and sanitize your products. We also make sure our workers are protected from potential pollutants in the air.

Ready to Discuss Your Sifting Needs?

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