Shrink Wrapping Services

Businesses that need quality, professional packaging at affordable prices often rely on shrink wrapping. Using polymer plastic film to wrap tightly over whatever product needs covering, shrink wrapping can accommodate almost any variety of product, ranging from foodstuffs to books, boxes, toys, and many more.

Industry-Leading Shrink Wrapping Equipment

At Econo-Pak, our shrink wrap services are available for projects of virtually any size. Equipped with more than 200 different packaging machines, we provide customers with access to the industry’s most advanced shrink wrapping machinery. This equipment allows us to offer efficient, high speed shrink wrapping at an excellent value.

Shrink wrapping requires three essential elements: film, a sealer, and a heating element to shrink the film so that it conforms to the shape of the product. Clients begin by choosing the type of plastic they want for their application; this most commonly includes polyolefin, PVC, and polyethylene.

After the type and form of shrink film is chosen, products are sent through a packaging system that wraps and heat seals each item to close the opening ends of the film. Finally, the heating element is applied to create the final, wrapped product.

Services for All Markets, Sizes, and Quantities

Econo-Pak maintains a facility with over 240,000 total square feet of floor space, providing production capabilities that match almost any size of project. Furthermore, the speed and efficiency of our shrink wrap services allow us to accommodate all quantities, ranging from single products to full production runs with up to a billion parts.

We also provide some of the industry’s best turnaround times, with over 700 employees and three shifts of packaging crews running per day. Nearly every major market that uses shrink wrap has utilized our services, including supermarkets, club stores, convenience shops, vending machines, food service, and a full variety of other retail establishments.

With an HACCP-based quality control system that fully operates under all appropriate FDA regulations, our shrink wrap services meet the industry’s highest quality standards. We maintain certifications ranging from organic and Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level Three to Kosher and gluten free.

To learn more about our shrink wrapping services or to request a custom quote for your project, contact us directly today.

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