At Econo-Pak, health and safety are our top priorities. To ensure our facilities adhere to the highest standards, we undergo regular audits by the Pennsylvania Board of Health. These audits are essential in maintaining a clean, safe, and compliant environment for food manufacturing and processing.

The role of the Pennsylvania Board of Health audits

The Pennsylvania Board of Health performs comprehensive audits to ensure that food production facilities comply with state regulations. These audits examine various aspects of our operations, including sanitation, employee hygiene, food handling practices, and overall facility maintenance. By meeting the stringent requirements of these audits, we demonstrate our commitment to health and safety excellence.

Why these audits matter

Health and safety audits are critical in ensuring that food production environments are safe and compliant with regulations. These audits help identify potential risks, enforce adherence to health guidelines, and drive continuous improvements in safety practices. Compliance with these standards is crucial for safeguarding consumer health and maintaining the integrity of our products.

Advantages of partnering with Econo-Pak

  1. Regulatory adherence: Our regular audits by the Pennsylvania Board of Health ensure we meet all state health and safety regulations, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and associated issues.
  2. Consumer confidence: Certification from the Pennsylvania Board of Health provides assurance to consumers that our products are produced in a safe and sanitary environment.
  3. Quality control: The rigorous auditing process helps maintain high-quality standards, ensuring that our practices and facilities are in top condition.
  4. Operational improvements: Regular audits promote continuous enhancement of our health and safety practices, ensuring we stay ahead in maintaining a safe production environment.

Our ongoing commitment to safety

Econo-Pak’s commitment to health and safety is reflected in our dedication to regular audits by the Pennsylvania Board of Health. We adhere to strict protocols and continuously update our practices to align with the highest standards. Our facilities are subject to frequent inspections, and our team is well-trained in the best practices of food safety and hygiene.

By choosing Econo-Pak, you align with a partner that prioritizes health and safety. Our rigorous audit process ensures we meet top industry standards, delivering products you can trust.

Why Econo-Pak stands out

When you choose Econo-Pak, you choose a company deeply committed to health and safety excellence. Our regular Pennsylvania Board of Health audits ensure we consistently meet and exceed stringent health and safety standards. We are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality products and supporting your packaging needs with the utmost care and compliance.

For more details on our health and safety practices and certifications, visit our certifications page.