At Econo-Pak, we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ and their consumers’ diverse dietary needs. We are proud to be certified kosher by the OU and OK, two of the world’s most respected and recognized Kosher certification agencies.

Our Kosher certification ensures that the products we handle meet the strict dietary laws observed by Jewish communities and are suitable for everyone seeking Kosher products.

What does it mean to have a Kosher certification?

Kosher certification verifies that food products comply with the dietary laws outlined in Jewish tradition.

The Orthodox Union (OU), founded in 1924, was the first independent American Kosher certification agency and remains one of the most trusted symbols of Kosher compliance.

The OK Kosher Certification, created by the Organized Kashrus Laboratories, is also highly respected and recognized globally.

Both certifications involve rigorous inspections and audits to ensure that all ingredients and production processes meet Kosher standards.

The importance of having a Kosher certification

Kosher certification is vital for companies that want to serve Jewish communities and cater to consumers who prefer or require Kosher products for health, ethical, or religious reasons.

The hechsher symbol, displayed on certified products, signifies adherence to the strict dietary laws and provides assurance of quality and integrity.

Benefits of working with a Kosher-certified company

  1. Market access: Kosher certification opens doors to a wider market, including Jewish communities and consumers who prefer Kosher products for various reasons.
  2. Consumer trust: The hechsher symbol from OU and OK Kosher Certification instills confidence in consumers, assuring them of the product’s compliance with Kosher dietary laws.
  3. Quality assurance: Kosher certification involves stringent inspections and standards, ensuring that products are made with the highest quality ingredients and processes.
  4. Brand differentiation: Offering Kosher-certified products sets your brand apart in the marketplace, appealing to a niche yet significant segment of consumers.

Econo-Pak’s Kosher certification

At Econo-Pak, our certifications by the OU and OK Kosher Certification reflect our commitment to providing products that meet the highest standards of dietary compliance. Our facilities are regularly inspected, and our team is trained to ensure that all Kosher requirements are met in our production and handling processes.

By choosing Econo-Pak, you partner with a company that respects and upholds the traditions and dietary laws of Jewish communities. Our Kosher certifications are a testament to our dedication to quality, integrity, and inclusivity.

Why choose Econo-Pak?

Choosing Econo-Pak means partnering with a company that values excellence and inclusivity in every aspect of our operations. Our Kosher certifications from the Orthodox Union (OU) and OK Kosher Certification ensure that we meet the highest standards of dietary compliance and quality. We are here to support your needs and help you bring certified Kosher products to market with confidence.

For more information on our Kosher certifications and how we can support your packaging needs, visit our certifications page.