co-packing dry beansAt Econo-Pak, we are your go-to solution for affordable and reliable contract food packing services. We help businesses turn their raw materials into retail-ready products. When you choose Econo-Pak, you can rest assured that the finished product in your customer’s hands has been packaged with care and immense attention to detail.

Our specialty isn’t just in food packaging; it’s in seamless customization options, top-notch customer experience, and efficient turnaround times. Our dry bean food packaging services ensure that you can professionally package your products in no time. Whether you are an experienced seller or new to the marketplace, we are happy to assist you every step of the way.

From smaller packaging orders to large bulk wholesale orders, Econo-Pak does it all!

Why Choose Econo–Pak?

Customized Packing Solutions

We understand that every business is unique and that’s why we don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution. If you are looking for dry bean packaging solutions, we are happy to discuss what packaging style, format and material will work best for your business. We believe that packaging is an extension of your brand identity. That’s why we treat it with the due diligence it deserves.

Quality Assurance

Econo-Pak is fully certified and complies with all food safety laws and regulations. This includes FDA guidelines and local food safety standards. It’s our job not only to stay on top of industry best practices but to exceed the expectations of all of our clients. We ensure that every batch of dry beans is packaged efficiently and credibly.

Automation and Co-Packing Technology

Time is money in today’s economy. That’s why we invest in new technology that ensures your contract food packaging products are completed with swift turnaround times. Our machinery is equipped to handle high-volume orders and large packaging projects. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help with your specific packing needs!

Affordable Dry Bean Packaging Services With Econo-Pak

Our team is well-versed in preparing and packaging a variety of food-grade products. Additionally, we are here to help with the logistics and distribution support needed to get your final product from point A to point B.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or want to discuss the next steps with a team member, get in touch with Econo-Pak today! We are happy to provide a custom quote and discuss packaging options with you in more detail.