At Econo-Pak, we specialize in co-packing a variety of pretzels to meet your specific needs. Whether you require traditional twists, sticks, rods, or nuggets, we have the expertise to handle your high-volume orders with precision and efficiency.

Full-service pretzel seasoning and co-packing

When you send your pretzels to Econo-Pak, we will:

1. Apply seasoning

Econo-Pak utilizes industrial seasoning machines to efficiently apply flavoring to your pretzel.

2. Place in packaging

Our 200+ co-packing machines and 800+ production employees will quickly package your product. We are proud to help our clients enter new markets, from retail to convenience to airlines, by providing the right package configuration for each market.

3. Ship to your distribution centers

Our Shipping and Receiving department is highly organized to get your product out on time wherever you need it.

We want to be your high-volume pretzel co-packing partner, allowing you to focus on iterating on your product and growing your brand while we take care of the rest.

Co-packing configurations

We provide a variety of packaging options to suit your product’s needs. Here are some of the most popular packaging types our pretzel clients have used.

Stand-up pouches

Ideal for retail shelves, stand-up pouches are durable and keep your pretzels fresh.

Pillow pouches

A versatile and cost-effective packaging option, pillow pouches are perfect for larger quantities.

Single-serve packaging

Perfect for convenience and portion control, single-serve packaging ensures your pretzels stay fresh and tasty.

Types of pretzels we co-pack

As a dry food facility, we specialize in most pretzel products. We’ve worked with the following pretzels:

  • Traditional pretzel twists: These classic pretzel twists, with their golden brown exterior and satisfying crunch, are always a favorite snack.
  • Pretzel sticks: Pretzel sticks provide a deliciously crispy bite, perfect for snacking on the go or enjoying at home.
  • Pretzel rods: Pretzel rods offer a hearty and flavorful snack option, ideal for dipping or savoring on their own.
  • Pretzel nuggets: Bite-sized and packed with flavor, pretzel nuggets are a convenient and tasty snack that everyone loves, especially with yummy fillings.

Have a different kind of pretzel? No worries! Send us a quote request and we’ll review your project information and provide a quote.

Quality and food safety

Our commitment to quality and food safety is unwavering. Our dedicated quality department ensures that every batch meets the highest standards. Econo-Pak is proud to be certified by leading food safety organizations, giving you peace of mind that your products are in good hands.

Partner with Econo-Pak for your pretzel co-packing needs and experience the benefits of working with a trusted industry leader. Request a fixed-price quote today to outsource your packaging and focus on growing your brand.