Product packaging design is almost as important — if not as important — as the product itself. In a highly competitive market like the food industry, you have milliseconds to connect with consumers and communicate your brand; just look at the multitude of choices in the cereal aisle or the sheer number of bottled water brands.

With such a saturated market, it’s imperative to work with reliable design and packaging companies that will help you create the best possible packaging and label design for your product.

High-Quality Packaging for Your Product

At Econo-Pak, our team can work with you to create durable, aesthetically pleasing packaging that meets your product’s needs and connects with consumers. When creating custom packaging, our skilled design team takes several important factors into consideration, including:

Transport and Product Protection

First and foremost, your product must arrive at its final destination intact. A damaged product means no sale and lost dollars, so preventing liquid leakage, crushed food products, and contamination is paramount.

With over 40 years of experience providing product packaging and custom designs for food companies and other markets, our highly knowledgeable design team can engineer the best solution for your unique product. Whether it’s a carton, sachet, stand-up pouch, or bottle, we will custom develop a container that will protect your
product no matter the transport method.

Packaging Material

The base material of your packaging, whether it’s paper, plastic, glass, metal or paperboard, not only helps safeguard your product but can also reduce waste and excess weight.

Base materials play a key role in determining packaging sustainability and recyclability. With Walmart pushing for more sustainable design and zero supply-chain waste by 2025 and many distributors following suit, sustainable packaging is steadily growing in popularity. At Econo-Pak, we understand the importance of moving toward eco-friendly options.

Product Labeling

From logos to nutrition panels to bar codes, we can help.

We can also assist with barcode creation and management.

Speed to Market

By choosing a co-packer that combines innovative packaging design services with reliable contract packaging, you can greatly reduce your time to market.

To provide the highest-quality contract packaging services, we make use of over 200 packaging machines — allowing us to quickly and efficiently get your product out the door and into consumers’ hands. We can fulfill orders both small and large for a wide range of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Quality and Innovation

Our team of designers is always on the hunt for new and inventive ways to package goods. Whether it’s attending conferences or learning about new technology, we’re proud to be at the forefront of packaging design. We also invest heavily in new packing machinery, allowing us to meet specifications for even the most complex applications.

Cost Savings

In addition to catching your consumer’s eye, your product must also be profitable. By taking material types, shipping costs, and product waste into consideration, we can create a custom packaging design solution that is not only attractive but also provides cost savings.

Investing in innovative, attractive packaging design is a cost-effective way for emerging brands to get noticed by consumers. And for current brands that want to retain or increase their market share, smart, reliable packaging will keep them ahead of the curve.

Work With Us

Econo-Pak can assist in package design for any type of dry food product. We work with our clients to size bags, flow wraps, cartons, master shippers, gusset bags, and more. We can design packaging over the phone or in person. All we need is a sample of the product you are looking to package.

Get in touch to get a fixed-price quote for your specific product.