food repackagingRepackaging involves taking bulk food products and dividing them into smaller, consumer-friendly portions, such as variety packs. Depending on consumer demand, these smaller units can range from individual portions to family-sized packages.

Repackaging serves several crucial purposes:

  1. Extend shelf life: Repackaging helps preserve the freshness and quality of food products, extending their shelf life and reducing waste.
  2. Enhance convenience: Smaller, consumer-friendly packaging makes it easier for customers to handle and use the product.
  3. Meet regulatory compliance: Repackaging ensures that products adhere to safety and labeling regulations, a crucial aspect in the food industry.
  4. Brand customization: Customized packaging allows businesses to reinforce their brand identity and promote their products effectively.

Are you in need of repackaging for your food product? Work with a full-service co-packing company who can not only help you with your project but also help you grow your business.

Work with Repackaging Industry Experts

Econo-Pak has over 40 years of experience working with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We specialize in dry food products and offer a wide range of contract food packaging services as well as contract food manufacturing.

Here’s why Econo-Pak stands out:

  1. Experience: With over four decades of experience working with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, our team of experts combines industry knowledge with innovative technologies to provide effective solutions.
  2. Clean modern facility: Econo-Pak’s facility is equipped with over 200 packaging machines and quality control measures, ensuring efficient and precise repackaging processes.
  3. Customization: One size doesn’t fit all. Econo-Pak offers customized repackaging solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each client, allowing you to maintain your unique branding and packaging preferences.
  4. Quality assurance: Quality is paramount in the food industry. Econo-Pak’s rigorous quality control procedures guarantee that every repackaged product meets the highest industry standards. We are SQF Level 3 certified and FDA approved, including other certifications.
  5. Scalability: Whether you’re a small startup or a large-scale food manufacturer, Econo-Pak can scale its services to accommodate your needs, helping you grow without compromising on quality. We work with many different market sectors so if you want to expand your products into new areas, we can help.

Econo-Pak specializes in a variety of rework and repackaging services designed to meet urgent and custom client needs, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and on schedule. We offer flexible solutions with the capability to start projects promptly. Our services extend to procuring new boxes and any other custom packaging required to finalize projects.

We are also equipped to handle unpacking and repackaging high volumes of product into new retail cartons. With years of experience in contract packaging since 1981, Econo-Pak ensures meticulous attention to detail for the entire duration of the project, from inception to completion.

How do I get started?

Customers can request a quote for their projects by filling out our online form. Customers can upload photos of their product and detail their packaging requirements. Once all the necessary information is provided, they can submit their request and expect a reply within two business days.

At Econo-Pak, we’re committed to helping you achieve your repackaging goals efficiently and effectively. Request a quote today to learn more about our services and how we can partner with you to optimize and scale your food packaging.

Econo-Pak has consistently demonstrated excellence in contract food packaging, with clients regarding Econo-Pak as a model for repack operations. Our testimonials highlight our adherence to key performance indicators such as safety, compliance, and innovation. The positive testimonials reflect Econo-Pak’s operational expertise and exceptional customer service, making them a trusted partner for both long-standing and new product launches.

Econo-Pak employs an experienced hand assembly line and automated packaging equipment to expertly handle rework or repackaging projects, ensuring they are completed swiftly and punctually. Our established reputation for quick service delivery is especially crucial when tackling unique or custom projects that require immediate attention. If rapid fulfillment is required, Econo-Pak is equipped and available to initiate projects at a moment’s notice.

For businesses looking to partner with a co-packer that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, Econo-Pak offers a robust solution characterized by a wide range of services, expert handling, and a commitment to fostering long-term partnerships.