Product packaging Services

Econo-Pak’s product packaging services make designing and packaging your products easy! By understanding the design and engineering processes for many different packaging formats, we can help you develop the best container that meets your product’s unique requirements.

Services Provided

Our packaging services cover a wide range of product types, such as foods, vitamins, powders, drink mixes, baby products, and much more. We're a full-service packaging solutions provider offering processes that'll take your product from start to finish.

Contract Packaging

More than three decades of experience allows us to provide optimal contract packaging services. Adhering to the highest quality standards, we aim to get your products to market in the most efficient manner possible. Econo-Pak’s contract packaging solutions can accomodate any format, from stand-up pouches to bulk packaging.

Packaging Design

A package’s design is a selling point in itself, and adds to the product’s desirability. Our team knows that both practicality and attractiveness play a crucial role in getting a product off the shelf and into a consumer’s hands. Food and other product packaging design services from Econo-Pak can be customized to serve a range of customers across different industries by utilizing a variety of packaging formats.

Engineering Department

Our expert engineering team works 24 hours a day to maintain all engineered packaging processes and equipment. We have a full staff of electricians and welders, as well as machines for fabricating and milling to minimize downtime and maximize output. You’ll also find precise machine calibration, strict preventative maintenance schedules, and an in-house parts department at our facility.

Types of Products

Primarily serving the food industry, we package many products seen on grocery store shelves. Some of these product packaging services, as mentioned, can include anything from baby products to gummies, cookies, crackers, and pasta. We’re happy to work with whatever specifications your design requires in order to engineer a solution for almost any type of product.

Learn More

Econo-Pak proudly executes product packaging and design services using state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable experts, and a dedication to quality and unmatched customer experience. No idea is too challenging for us, so we encourage you to contact our team to speak with one of our packaging specialists!