When your product is on the line, “downtime” isn’t something you want to hear. That’s why Econo-Pak has engineering personnel working on every shift working 24 hours a day maintaining our equipment.

We control all equipment needs in-house, which allows us to:

  • Perform quicker startups
  • Minimize downtime
  • Maximize machine output
  • Minimize packaging waste
  • Minimize startup costs

By controlling all engineering with dedicated staff, we are able to diagnose problems quickly and don’t have to wait for outside vendors to come. Our 240,000-square-foot facility is managed 24/7 to keep your product moving.

Food Production Facility Maintenance

Here are other keys elements of Econo-Pak’s Engineering department:

  • Electricians on staff
  • Welders on staff
  • In house parts department
  • All machines setup done in house
  • Fabricating equipment
  • Preventative maintenance schedule for all equipment
  • Machine calibration
  • Lock out tag out
  • Milling machine
  • Parts fabrication


Quality Around the Clock

We take quality seriously so you can rest easy knowing your product safe. Our engineering team makes sure of it.

If you’re curious, check out our quality certifications and the rigorous quality staff who monitor our facility every day.