snack food on machineWith a nearly endless array of snack varieties for consumers to choose from, combining delicious flavors with appealing packaging makes products stand out from the rest. While many seasoning blends are similar, creating a unique blend can help it become a fan favorite. 

Carefully designed packaging protects snack quality while supporting brand identity and enticing customers. We can enhance and simplify the process by receiving unseasoned snacks, adding flavoring, and packaging everything in-house for a cost-effective solution.

Receiving Unseasoned Snacks

Our contract seasoning and packaging services begin when our shipping and receiving department receives delivery of unseasoned snacks from a customer.

Each pallet of unseasoned snacks is identified, labeled, and stored in appropriate environmental conditions to maintain freshness and ensure high-quality standards are met until products travel to the production line for seasoning and packaging. We take extreme care to ensure the integrity and quality of your snacks are never compromised.

Seasoning Process

Our seasoning process is designed to ensure well-combined seasoning blends and consistent flavor throughout both individual snack packages and across full batches. Steps in the process typically include:

Expert seasoning creation: Our seasoning team has the expertise, versatile equipment, and premium quality seasoning ingredients to create a perfect match for each product’s flavor requirements.

Seasoning application process: Once an ideal blend of flavors is created, unseasoned snacks travel through a sequence of finely misted oil and blended seasoning application. Seasoned snacks are gently tumbled to ensure a consistent, even coating of seasoning that adheres well to ensure snacks maintain their delicious taste.

Package filling operations: Individual packages are then filled with enough seasoned snack product to meet weight requirements. We can accommodate a wide variety of packaging styles, such as stand-up pouches, cartons, and pillow pouches.

Quality assurance: In addition to ensuring safe and sanitary handling, snack packages are inspected for weight and integrity.

Package sealing: Once inspected, filled packages are sealed and date stamped to match individual product requirements.


Each step in the seasoning process is customized to meet the specific needs of each customer and product.

Packaging Process

Our advanced packaging system reflects the importance we place on protecting snack quality while also emphasizing brand and product identities. Because packaging is how a product is presented to consumers, each aspect requires careful consideration. Choosing packaging for a product should include both appearance and functionality appropriate to the product and the brand.

  • Packaging functionality: The best snack packaging protects contents from breakage, leaking, and contamination and maintains freshness all while simplifying transport. Reclosable packaging might be important for products with more than one serving, and how consumers access a snack may be useful (for example, a large opening for reaching in or a small opening to pour out snacks). Clear panels easily showcase snack contents, while opaque packaging protects snacks from light and helps maximize shelf life.
  • Packaging appearance: Products with eye-catching graphics or colors, or which show a recognized brand or product can encourage buyers and emphasize brand identity. Sustainable packaging may draw a target market, and may also reduce shipping and transport costs. 

food quality assuranceQuality Assurance

We take great pains to ensure the highest standards of food safety are met or exceeded throughout our seasoning and packaging processes.

Compliant with all relevant regulations and standards, our quality assurance team and food science professionals are completely focused on protecting both consumer health and the products and reputations of our customers. From rigorous internal checks to validation by accredited, third-party labs, we never compromise on quality.


Including accurate, clear product labeling such as nutrition facts, ingredient lists, allergen declarations, barcoding, and other details, ensures regulatory compliance.

In addition, clearly presenting these important details as part of a thoughtful, whole-package design can help to create a connection, a brand experience, and feelings of brand loyalty among consumers.


Our facilities and shipping capabilities offer ideal conditions for storing all types of food products, ensuring products maintain their premium quality at all points from production to delivery.

With 24/7 operations, every product is maintained at peak flavor and freshness. 

Econo-Pak: Food Seasoning Manufacturer

At Econo-Pak, our goal is to turn your unseasoned snacks into delicious necessities consumers can’t wait to indulge in. Offering industry-leading services from planning through seasoning, packaging, and delivery, our SQF Level 3 certified snack industry solutions are customizable, cost-effective, and successful.

Request a quote today for a complete solution to your snack seasoning and packaging needs.