Robotic automation has changed the game when it comes to contract food packaging by completely transforming the way we do business.

Improvements to automated tech, like reduced costs, higher speeds, and better gripping machinery, have led to the food co-packing industry’s widespread adoption of robots and automated machinery.

Robotic automation in contract food packaging

Sensors, machine vision systems, and sophisticated software that enable packaging robots to perceive and interact with their environment make automated food packaging possible.

These capabilities expand further with the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence. AI can help food-packing robots adapt to changing conditions and learn from experiences over time.

The growing list of robotic capabilities can help improve any food manufacturer’s overall packaging process and efficiency.

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Benefits of robotic packaging automation in co-packing

The benefits of automation and using robots in food packaging and manufacturing are significant. For example:

  • Robots produce faster and more consistent work than humans. This can result in the production of uniform products with fewer errors.
  • Robots can handle repetitive tasks well. This means companies don’t have to rely on manual labor as much. Instead, they can hire workers for more skilled roles that require a human touch.
  • Robotic automation can provide long-term savings. It does require upfront expenses to purchase this machinery, but overtime, it can reduce operational labor costs. This makes it a worthy investment.
  • Robots are more sanitary. They don’t carry the same germ-related risks as humans do. They operate in a more controlled way to reduce contamination incidents and improve food safety compliance.
  • Robotic automation can be an eco-friendlier option. Because automation can improve productivity, they reduce material waste. This makes them a sustainable choice for contract food packaging companies like Econo-Pak.

Pick-and-place robots, fully automated packaging systems, or anything in between can help manufacturers improve their operations, save money, reduce risk, and minimize waste.

Econo-Pak’s food co-packing and co-manufacturing equipment

At Econo-Pak, we own over 200 of the best co-packing and co-manufacturing machines so we can proudly provide our clients with automated production output.

We own machines from brands like Adco, Alpha, Bosch, Campbell, Ceco, Langan, Lock, Ohlson, Sesotech, Tishma, Viking, Weighpack, Yamato, and many others.

Types of machinery:

  • Augers
  • Blenders
  • Cartoners
  • Check weighers
  • Cup fillers
  • Flow wrappers
  • Inline printing
  • Metal detection
  • Premade SUP machines
  • Rollstock machines
  • Seasoners
  • VFFS baggers
  • X-ray

And the list doesn’t stop there. Explore our food co-packing equipment to see how we can help you outsource your packaging needs.

Request a quote today to learn how Econo-Pak’s contract food packaging services can unlock new levels of automated productivity and boost your business’s bottom line.

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