food quality assuranceThe ideal product packaging does much more than simply protect a product during transport. It also keeps out oxygen or contaminants that might otherwise degrade consumable goods, and tamper-evident packaging adds a level of product security.

Beyond that, packaging offers a great branding opportunity, marketing the internal contents and promoting your company while also providing industry-mandated information like expiration dates and ingredients. However, not every business is equipped to handle its own packaging internally. That’s where co-packers come in.

What is a co-packer? Typically, contract packaging companies package and label products that their clients have manufactured to take that strain off their operations. In the food and beverage industry, co-packers will also sometimes work as contract manufacturers, actually handling food processing in addition to packing. Working with a reputable, FDA-certified co-packer can help you grow your business while focusing your own workforce on what you do best.

Co-Packing vs. Manufacturing In-House

When determining whether to outsource your packaging to a co-packer or handle it in-house, there are numerous considerations that are crucial to the decision. The packaging process necessitates quality material procurement, specialized equipment, and a trained workforce. Some companies may have a product or recipe that they feel is too complex to outsource, or production rates are low enough that they won’t meet co-packing company minimums for production.

If you choose to work with a co-packer, finding the right company is important. Research carefully as selecting the wrong co-packer could lead to incorrect labeling, suboptimal marketing, or even compromised product quality. For highly regulated products like consumables, you need a company that can provide the necessary quality assurance to keep from damaging your company’s reputation through a negative customer experience with your brand.

Signs That You Should Work With a Co-Packing Company

How do you know when a co-packer is right for you? There are three main indicators that partnering with a contract packaging company is appropriate for your business.

  1. Your facility, equipment, or workforce can’t successfully meet demand. If you find that orders are constantly outpacing your team’s ability to keep up with them, or you can’t find the space for warehousing, this is your first clue that co-packing could be advantageous for your business. A good co-packer can help you increase your production volume so that your team can focus on your core operations instead. Also, without having to invest in specialty equipment or retraining, co-packers will typically already have certifications for kosher, gluten-free, or organic food handling as well as labeling capabilities.
  2. You want to scale your operations. If you’ve determined that your operation is scalable in that there is appropriate demand for your product and you will be able to retain quality results in bulk production, a co-packer may be right for you. A reputable co-packing facility will have the necessary production capabilities, equipment, and skilled workforce to help you increase production when you need to, and fast, all without having to worry about sacrificing quality or efficiency in the packaging.
  3. You are concerned about budget and time frames. Manufacturing in-house requires a fully equipped production facility, staff with proper training, the right raw materials, and adequate storage, all of which require heavy investments in money and time. Fortunately, using a co-packer can be a solution to those challenges as packaging processes are already in the company’s wheelhouse. Also, co-packaging companies typically source their material in bulk, which often allows them to pass on more economical pricing to customers.

Enjoy Quality Co-Packing With Econo-Pak

snack food on machineGiven the current economic climate, Econo-Pak is ready to partner with you to help bring your product to market efficiently and effectively. We are an innovative contract food packaging company that can handle scalable growth, and we bring a wealth of experience as a family-owned packaging company for over three decades.

Our company serves businesses and food packaging needs of all sizes, with over 200 packaging machines in our 240,000-square-foot facility.

Our capabilities for stand-up pouches, flow and shrink wrapping, powder filling, and bulk food packaging benefit our diverse customer base of supermarkets, foodservice businesses, club/wholesale stores, retailers, and pharmacies, among other large food manufacturers.

To provide you with peace of mind when it comes to packaging quality and food safety, all of our operations meet FDA regulations, and we hold numerous food certifications as part of that commitment, including:

  • Safe Quality Food Certification
  • Food and Drug Administration Certification
  • Organic certification by Baystate Organic Certifiers
  • Gluten-free certification by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America
  • Costco Safety and Quality Audit Certification
  • Kosher OU-D Certification

We also have the capability to adjust our processes for certain dietary restrictions and allergy concerns. To learn more about how Econo-Pak’s co-packing services can support your business, contact us today.

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