stand up pouchesStand-up pouches, introduced in the 1970s, have since become one of the most popular packaging choices for products in an expansive range of industries. As a cost-effective, versatile, and consumer-friendly packaging solution, stand-up pouches provide a smart and customizable packaging choice for countless applications.


Industries Using Stand-Up Pouches

While stand-up pouches may be most familiar in food and cleaning product areas, innovative stand-up pouches have a broad range of use cases across many industries. Some of these include:

  • Food and beverage. Stand-up pouches gained their earliest popularity in the food and beverage sector, offering easy-to-use packaging for various juices and single-serve beverages. Numerous styles of food-grade stand-up pouches adorn the shelves of today’s grocery retailers, holding everything from snacks and candies to coffee, sugar, and nuts.
  • Lawn and garden. Soil, fertilizer, seeds, and other lawn and garden supplies can spill easily when poorly packaged, making them unwieldy and challenging for retailers and consumers alike. With a flat bottom and typically resealable, stand-up pouch bags stay upright and closed.
  • Pet food and treats. Stand-up pouches provide convenient packaging for pet foods, treats, and other pet care supplies that require frequent opening and closing.
  • Personal care, bath, and cosmetics. From cleansers and product refills in spouted dispensers to single-use cosmetics and personal care supplies, stand-up pouches offer attractive packaging enjoyed by consumers who can easily squeeze out every last drop of favorite products.
  • Chemicals. With carefully selected materials and protective barrier films — as well as options such as pour spouts, heavy-duty zip closures, and tear notches – stand-up pouches provide safe and effective packaging for chemical products. K-seal and corner bottom style pouches are particularly useful for packaging chemicals while limiting the risk of punctures or spills.
  • Industrial products. Many production operations choose to pre-portion various components, supplies, and ingredients in stand-up pouches for easy use in commercial or industrial settings.
  • Automotive products. From waxes and additives to lubricants and small parts, stand-up pouches offer easy storage and display, simple dispensing, and advertising space for marketing.

stand up pouchBenefits of Stand Up Pouches

Standup pouches offer a combination of benefits not found in other packaging solutions:

  • Sealable. From standard or heavy-duty zip seals to closeable spouts and tear-off tops, stand-up pouches feature numerous options for sealable and resealable packaging.
  • Printability. The flat sides of stand-up pouch designs present a large canvas for eye-catching branding, product information, safety warnings, and other graphics. Custom printed stand-up pouches can also include measuring lines and clear display panels.
  • Packaging material options. Stand-up pouches are available in a broad range of material options. While food-grade and non-reactive barrier films protect the pouch’s contents, exterior layers may be fabricated from traditional plastics or more sustainable materials, such as laminated paper. Stand-up pouches may also include specialty film layers to protect against punctures, moisture, contamination, and ultraviolet light, among other hazards.
  • Lightweight. Stand-up pouch bags weigh considerably less than cans or bottles, generating cost savings in transportation and distribution.
  • Sustainability. Stand-up pouch packaging often uses as little as 1/3 of the material for similar volume plastic bottles. Additionally, stand-up pouches can incorporate eco-friendly options such as laminated paper and rice-paper.
  • Ease of use. Retailers appreciate how easy it is to display stand-up pouches, while consumers appreciate their easy operation and simplified storage potential.

Quality, Custom Pouches From Econo-Pak

At Econo-Pak, we bring decades of expertise in packaging and manufacturing to every project. Our customer-centric, family-owned-and-operated business strives to provide packaging solutions that meet and exceed every customer need.

To see how our fully customizable stand-up pouches and other packaging solutions can help you protect and market your products, please contact us or request a quote today.

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