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What Plastic Is Used in Shrink Wrapping?

shrink wrappingThree primary types of shrink wrapping exist for various applications in the shipping and retail industries, among others. These include polyolefin (POF), polyethylene (PE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Each type of material comes with unique properties and benefits.


Econo-Pak’s New Salt Analyzer Testing Process

hands holding saltEcono-Pak added salt analysis to our on-site testing capabilities to test our clients’ products during the seasoning and/or blending process. This equipment allows us to ensure that the salt levels meet the finished product specifications, before they are packaged and distributed to the market and consumers.

Let’s learn about salt in food products and how salt analyzers manage sodium levels for optimal taste.


Sustainable Practices For Your Packaging Processes

Sustainable-PackagingIn recent years, consumers have been demanding more eco-friendly initiatives from businesses. As a result, adopting more sustainable practices has become essential for companies to thrive. Many manufacturers have begun incorporating more sustainable practices into their packing processes by utilizing recycled materials, finding ways to reduce packaging and other actions.


Advantages of Bulk Food Packaging

Bulk packaging has been a popular packing method in commercial food distribution for years. More recently, individual consumers have shifted to buying in bulk. While consumer demand for bulk packaging was already growing, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in new buying patterns that increased that demand exponentially.


Flow Wrapping vs. Overwrapping


flow wrappingThere are many types of packaging methods available, each of which is suitable for different packaging needs. Flow wrapping and overwrapping are two of the most commonly employed by industry professionals for consumer goods.