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Choosing a Co-Packer for Allergen Foods

Millions of Americans have food allergies, and for those affected, the results of exposure can be life-threatening. Over the past few decades, the demand for allergen-specific foods in the U.S. and global markets has been growing.


What is a Co-Packer?

What is a Co-PackerBusinesses always look for cost-effective yet innovative ways to grow their brand and enhance productivity. One way businesses often achieve this is through the use of a contract packager. (more…)

What to Look For in a Food Co-Packer

food co-packerBusinesses in the food industry must be able to efficiently and consistently deliver high-quality products, which is where food co-packers can help. Food co-packers, or contract packagers, can help optimize your operations by improving efficiency, scaling production, and keeping food products consistent.


What is Co-Packing, Co-Manufacturing, and Outsourcing?

What is Co-Packing, Co-Manufacturing, and OutsourcingA co-packer, also known as a contract packer, is a company that packages products for other businesses. A co-manufacturer, or co-man, is a firm contracted to produce another company’s product line, often seen in the food industry. Outsourcing refers to the broader business practice of hiring external firms to perform services or create goods traditionally performed in-house by the company’s employees.


How Does Co-Packing Work?

how does co-packing workContract packaging, otherwise known as co-packing, involves outsourcing your product production, packaging, and sometimes even distribution to an expert partner. Let’s dive into the specifics of co-packing, including how it works, its many advantages, and how to get started.


Contract Packaging 101

Contract Packaging 101Developing your own packaging system involves much more than investing in the right packaging equipment and materials to get the job done. It also involves warehousing and hiring an additional workforce to run your packaging operation alongside your core business.

Key Factors To Consider When Selecting Packaging Materials


Product packaging is an essential step in the product life cycle. It not only protects the product from external damage but also serves as an essential marketing tool. Packaging can help a product stand out from the competition. It can also provide information about a product’s features and benefits.