Flexible Flow Wrapping Services

With more than 200 different machines on-site, Econo-Pak is well to accommodate virtually any project. One of our most sought-after packaging options, flow wrapping, is used for a number of products, especially confectionery items.

This packaging process is performed with our state-of-the-art flow wrapper, consisting of an infeed conveyor, feed assembly, forming area, cutting head, and area for discharge.

To begin, products are placed on the infeed conveyor, which delivers them to the forming area. From there, the film feed assembly draws film and forms a tube around the product, which is then sealed. The enclosed product then proceeds to the cutting head, which cuts all wrapped products and creates end seals to form individual packages.

Wrapping Services for All Media

Flow wrap films, which provide efficient and airtight covering, are used for a variety of multiple- and individually-wrapped products including chocolates, hard and soft candy, wipes, tissues, and vended items. The process is also frequently used for mail order and e-commerce products.

At Econo-Pak, we are uniquely qualified to take on nearly any type of flow wrapping project our customers require. In addition to our wealth of machinery, we also maintain over 200,000 square feet of production floor space, enabling us to perform packaging in virtually any size or scope.

With three shifts running per day, we can offer some of the industry’s best turnaround times for orders ranging from single products to bulk orders that total up to one billion. No matter the quantity, the quality of our packaging solutions remains intact — we pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality final products.

Our HACCP-based quality control system is fully compliant with all FDA regulations. We are also industry-certified, holding SQF Level 3, Gluten-Free, Kosher OU-D, and organic certifications, as well as many others.

To learn more about our flow wrapping services or to request a custom quote for your next packaging project, contact one of our representatives today.
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